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Jan 15, 2019 – Jan 23, 2019 


Costa Rica Retreat – Get Directions

15 CEU’s

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Costa Rica 2019

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live."

In this time on planet Earth many are being called to align with the evolutionary potential of Love.  This retreat offers opportunities to consciously discover and embody your heart, your soul, your spirit.  You will go home rejuvenated, refreshed and with tools that are useful in your daily life.  An open heart, an open mind, a connection to your essence these are the pearls, the treasure of retreat. 




Immerse yourself in 8 nights and 9 days of relaxation and expansion in beautiful Costa Rica.  Dive into yoga, meditation and an introduction to Thai Masage.  This retreat is designed to help you connect more deeply to yourself in an environment that supports growth.

Thai Massage

  • Thai Massage Training lead by Janice Gagnon:  Metta first technique second
    The Spiritual healing aspects of Thai massage
    Using your intuition for deeper healing from an energetic approach
    Looking at “the big picture” with your client from a holistic point of view rather than just the physical aspects
    Open-hearted loving kindness is one of the foundations of Traditional Thai massage. We will be exploring Metta through Thai healing interventions and technique as well as through guided meditation and spiritual teaching. 15 CEUs


  • Yoga every day lead by Sarah Robinson:  Feel the benefits of a committed daily practice. This retreat is designed to help you connect more deeply to yourself in an environment that supports growth.  We will be practicing Hatha Yoga, incorporating breath-work and Asana.  Ha means sun and Tha means moon, through this practice we will be connecting to our center and bringing balance between the left and right sides our body and mind, the male and female aspects of ourselves to cultivate harmony within. Hatha Yoga is powerful tool for self-transformation easing obstacles both mental and physical and assisting to improve flexibility and strength. The classes will be customized to the level of your yoga practice, be prepared to challenge yourself and dance with your edge. 


  • Guided and Silent meditation and satsang lead everyday by Jennifer Tyler:
    Retreats include opportunities to explore the natural condition of Being through: silent sitting, guided meditation, direct pointers (teaching talks), heart opening guided movement, spiritual inquiry, exploratory conversation, question/response, and sacred music

Experience Pura Vida as we embark on a mindful and intentional practice nourishing our bodies and minds with amazing food in an amazing setting, surrounded by beautiful people.

This retreat, while relaxing, also challenges us to step up and step into a more vibrant version of ourselves.

Itinerary and Intentions

  • 8 Nights and 9 Days
  • First night at a Hot Springs Retreat in cabins
  • 7 nights in an intimate group setting at beautiful villas overlooking the ocean
  • Free time for reflection, journaling and relaxing on the beach or at the pool. After all you will be in Costa Rica! Yoga, meditation and Thai massage will be offered for 3-4 hours of the day, not necessarily all at once, so that there is plenty of free time to drop in to a deeper experience of yourself, to relax or to go on adventures.
  • Local adventures: surfing, horseback riding, zip-lining, ATVs, Mud baths, volcanoes, hotsprings, turtle nesting beach (optional)
  • Thai Massage treatments offered by your group leaders ($60/hr)
  • Catered organic gourmet meals
  • Airport transfer
  • Jen and Sarah have both lived in Costa Rica, with them as your guides, you will be enjoying a unique “off the beaten path” experience.


  • Peaceful setting in private villas with pools and yoga lofts overlooking Punta Guinones Beach (a 5 minute walk to the beach!)
  • There are 3 options for accommodations at the villas, please choose your preference while registering.
  • $1595 Dormitory (meaning sleeping mats on the floor in the yoga lofts).  There is availability for 6 spaces.
  • $1795 Double occupancy (a shared room with 2 twin beds).  There is availability for 6 spaces.
  • $1995 Single occupancy (a private room with a queen bed).  There is availability for 7 spaces.
  • We have availability for 16 participants.
  • $500 Deposit